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#TrailblazerImpact – Inspiring work by Limpopo Trailblazers

#TrailblazerImpact – Inspiring work by 2020-21 Limpopo Trailblazers

In August the enke Trailblazer Team were joined by the  representatives from the Ponahalo de Beers (PDT) team to do site and support visits. It was amazing to engage with the 2020 and 2021 Trailblazers and Champions as they shared firsthand accounts of their Trailblazer Program experience and community action projects. We learned about Maite’s women’s soccer team, Dimpoho’s uniform donation drive (add link to CAP Story), and Lethabo’s garden. These are just 3 of the projects designed, led and implemented by enke Trailblazers in 2020 and 2021!

Here are a few stories of impact from our Limpopo Trailblazers:

Maite’s Women’s Soccer Project

Trailblazer: Maite Molapo

CAP: Women’s Soccer

School: Mphengwa High School

Meet Maite Molapo, a Trailblazer from Mphengwa Chapter in Limpopo. Maite started a girls’ soccer team that was aimed at empowering and encouraging young girls in her school and her community. This project aimed to help give young girls something to do in their spare time and to help prevent social issues like teenage pregnancies and having them drop out of school at a very young age. Maite saw that young girls do not have any extracurricular activities at her school, and they had too much time on their hands which could lead them to do wrong things. She managed to put together a group of beautiful and talented young girls and formed a soccer team. They play on weekends with other girls from the community. Maite mentioned that the girl’s playing soccer is also a way of getting them to live a healthy lifestyle. Her goal is to make it a norm in her community where girls play soccer and growing the culture in other villages as they now have 8 teams in different schools and villages. The other impact that the CAP has created in bringing the community together, when they have games parents and the community at large come to watch and those who have informal businesses can sell different things and make money.

Lethabo’s Garden Project

Trailblazer: Lethabo Mafitji

CAP: Lethabo’s Garden

School: Tema Secondary School

Meet Lethabo Mafitji, a Trailblazer from Makgabeng Chapter in Limpopo. Lethabo started a garden in her backyard to help provide nutritious food in her community for the needy. Lethabo decided to start this CAP because she realized that there are a lot of people in her community that are affected by poverty more especially now with Covid-19 impacting people’s lives. She aims to provide this fresh produce to the elderly, disabled, child headed families and people who only depend on social grants due to lack of jobs. She also wants to sell some of the produce to people who can afford buy so that she can be able to get money that will help her increase her produce by buying more items that will help sustain her garden. She highlighted that the help from the Trailblazer Champions and her parents has been very encouraging and has motivated her to do more. Her long-term goal is to educate people about nutrition and healthy eating and how they can best take care of themselves.

Dimpho Donates School Uniforms

Trailblazer: Dimpho Hlakole

CAP: School Uniform Donations 

School: Tema Secondary School 

Meet Dimpho Hlokole, a Trailblazer from the Makgabeng Chapter in Limpopo. Dimpho started an amazing project which is set to provide school uniforms for the needy school learners in her community. Her first project was to fundraise for school shoes for one of the schools in her community. With the help of her supportive parents, Dimpho managed to approach companies to ask for help with fundraising for the school shoes.

From the fundraising she did, she received 60 pairs of shoes and she donated them to Teffu Primary School. Dimpho says the reason behind her CAP is that she has seen most learners going to school without school shoes, especially in winter. Some of the learners will miss school because they are not allowed to wear casual shoes in the school premises. She further mentioned that her main concern was school absenteeism and that more learners are falling into the trap of using drugs if they are not at school.

Dimpho aims to continue with her project and collect more school uniforms to ensure that no learner goes to school without a school uniform no matter their background or situation. And with her project she hopes that she can reduce school absenteeism and get the learners to realize the importance of education and how they can improve their lives.

Tebatso & Lesedi’s Literacy Project

Trailblazers:  Tebatso Maifo and Lesedi Morapedi 

CAP Name:  Readers Development Project 

School:  Mabea Secondary school

Meet Tebatso Maifo and Lesedi Morapedi, Trailblazers from Mphengwa Chapter. Teboho and Lesedi came up with an amazing idea of creating a mobile library that was set to help learners from their school who are struggling with reading and writing in English. The Trailblazers have partnered with Nal’ibali, an online library that offers free books which consist of reading speech, poems and many more interesting and informative books which can be of help to the learners. They aim to also include primary school and preschool learners in their community so that they can also benefit from this new and exciting project which will help them with their vocabulary and reading.

As part of their CAP they go to the aftercare preschool in their community to read books and play with the kids. They hope that through their CAP they will be able to improve literacy and reading in their school and community and to get more learners to enjoy reading and writing.




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