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YD Co-Lab

YD Co-Lab

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YD Co-Lab

When building our 2016-20 strategy, we realized that there was no way to achieve the large-scale reduction in youth unemployment rates without collaboration. Over the last 2 years we have prioritized reaching out to others for partnership and proactively contributing to building collaboration in the youth development sector. In October 2019, as part of our 10-year celebrations, we hosted the Youth Development Summit to celebrate organisations, similar to enke, that have been consistently advancing youth development, with the hope of building more collaborative opportunities and spaces. We have also engaged in programs and activities to increase visibility and awareness of our work and that of the youth in our community.

In 2020 we attended and led various meetings within the youth development sector, engaging with different ecosystem actors to create a platform collaboration. This has led to the formation of the Youth Development Collaboration Lab, with a steering committee of 10 individuals from Harambee, Lucha Lunako, Capacitate, Field Band Foundation and Phroenesis, and the Bertha Centre. So far 30 organisations have expressed interest in being part of the collaboration. Rufaro and enke are currently the project lead driving action and momentum for the YD Co-Lab.

About the YD Co-Lab – The YD Co-Lab is currently defined as a collective of youth development enthusiasts, ecosystem actors, organisations and individuals committed to advancing a more effective systems response and work to advance youth development and empowerment. The YD Co-Lab has the following goals:

  • Building a collective voice for youth development organisations and others in the ecosystem.
  • Mapping the youth development ecosystem.
  • Advocating for effective practice in youth development.

For more information, visit https://ydcolab.org.za for more.

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