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Asset based training and support to activate, inspire and sustain economically active, socially responsible citizens

We focus on building the inherent assets in young people in order to reverse negative trends affecting youth. Our programs assist youth to develop skills leading to future employment success and lasting impact within the communities they come from.
Our curricula focus on developing social and emotional skills that are associated with future employment success, social responsibility and personal well being.

91% of enke graduates are in education or employment, a success when compared to the national average of 69%. We owe this success to our leadership programs for high school and post-school youth as well as our specialized services.


We take youth unemployment very seriously. Through our interventions we initiate direct impact through proactive and remedial approaches to high rates of youth not in education, employment or training (or NEET for those who want the technical term).

Leadership Volunteering Youth Economic Pathways Strategic Partnership Social Enterprise
Our flagship leadership program Developed for Grade 10 and 11 learners to take part in social action and community leadership activities. Learners are trained, inspired and supported to create real, sustainable and trackable change in their communities A volunteer and facilitation skills training program for post-secondary youth. Participants commit to an action-oriented program experience where they learn how to become enke facilitators and provide support to high school learners in the Trailblazer Program. Game changing training programme developed for unemployed youth. Participants are immersed in social enterprise and guided coaching for professional development to increase the likelihood of conversion to employment, enterprise, education or training. We bring our experience and expertise to partner with others in delivering impactful youth and entrepreneurial development programs and initiatives. Projects include YANDISA and Business on a Bicycle. We provide customised solutions and consulting services to organisations and companies. Services include facilitation, strategy development, curriculum development and more.
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The enke: Trailblazer Program inspires and supports Grade 10 and 11 high school youth to create real change in their communities. Participants design and run projects to address the social...

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The Catalyst Program addresses the issue of young people who are not in employment, education or training (NEETs). The program is a 25-week (6 month) experience in personal development, social...

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Our Special Projects are strategic initiatives that align with our mission and goals, but are outside of the scope of our core programs. We partner with individuals, companies and organisations...

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Community Partners Initiative (CPI)

The enke: Community Partners Initiative is a new program by enke: Make Your Mark to collaborate with community initiatives and organisations to provide leadership and social action programmes to young...

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